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TX Hill Country Labradoodles is located in Medina, TX. We are proud to provide families with affordable, quality and healthy labradoodles and standard poodles in the local area and nationwide. 


AKC Standard Poodle, MALE rare Black/White Parti colored-

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Pictures below show two previous puppies that are currently service dogs in training.... 






About Us


We are committed to breeding healthy dogs and placing the perfect puppy into your home. 

I grew up with a father that was an avid hunter, and therefore always had labs around.   We were introduced to the standard poodle and fell in love with the full personality and elegance of the standards.

Impressed by the intelligence, obedience and loyalty of both breeds, we knew we would always have both a lab and a poodle in our family.

I was introduced to the labradoodle breed at work.  I have been a teacher in Texas and seen a variety of service dogs.  Additionaly, I participated in the Puppy Walker Program for Lackland Airforce base in 2003. The labradoodles made such a strong impression on me.  They were able to work with all children, endure the noise, and uplift teachers throughout the day.

Sharing this wonderful, low-shedding, hypo-allergenic breed with other families is truly exciting.  We strive to make sure you and your puppy are happy together.

We are located in Medina, TX in the hill country.  Our puppies are handled from birth and exposed to a variety of noises, people, children, surfaces, and other animals.  Puppies are whelped in the home and then moved to the whelping houses with their mother at age of 4 weeks.  The whelping houses are portable buildings with insulated walls, floors and ac/heat units. The puppies continue to come in our home and run freely.  We also begin potty training using the Misty Method.  Once the puppies are six weeks old and had their first shots, they are introduced to grass. They are raised in the home and have an abundance of playtime and interaction daily. 


Our puppies are vet checked between birth and day two and have their dew claw removed. We are fortunate to have a veterinarian that comes to our home to check on the mothers and puppies.  This provides less stressful for both the mother and pups.  Before they enter your home, they will be dewormed every two weeks starting at two weeks of age, and have 2 rounds of shots.  This will leave the new owner needing to provide the 3rd round of shots at 12 weeks as well as rabies.  Our adults are kept UTD on all immunizations.  Pregnant and nursing mothers eat like queens! They have 3-6 eggs per day, fried or scrambled, yogurt and cottage cheese along with puppy food. This year they have also receive the Canine Flu Vaccine. We currently have two male studs, Pancho and Chunk, and three breeding females, Cleo, Alex and Spring. All of our dogs are our family dogs.   Our dogs are not kept in kennels.  They have approximately 5 acres which the dogs are able to run free and play as well as river access to swim.


Please feel free to call or email with any questions.




We can assist in delivering your puppy! Live far away?  No worries...we have found a wonderful ground shipper for our puppies.  What does this mean? Your puppy will be picked up from our house and delivered to yours.  Traveling this way is less stressful on the puppy and allows interaction and potty breaks along the way.  Shipping costs vary due to distance.

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